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1863 – another christmas day lyrics


a special day is here again tomorrow
all the boys and girls are in the beds
and under the chimney is a stocking with a name on it
and santa claus is coming ’round the bend

all the ones you love are right beside you
whether lay on [?] here or far away
so hold them close and tell them that you love to hear ’em sayin’: [?]
tomorrow is another christmas day

another christmas day…

christmas eve is finally upon us
all the decorations i’ve been hung
and under the mistletoe is someone who’s been waiting all night long
for kisses and another christmas song

sing because you might be feeling happy
sing because you might be feeling sad
either way’d be grateful for the memories we have
and grateful that tomorrow’s gonna bring

another christmas day…

all the year’s gone by
help us remember why
christmas is one day our troubles can take off
wrap up all your cares from the past
it’s never too early
it’s never too late
we’ve all been good enough to celebrate

another christmas day…