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18exile – lil baby time freestyle lyrics


canada they changed the anthem honestly
like why you did it
dumbing thru the sack just like i’m quiet with it
losing my focus i need to stay grounded
so fly
like i can’t stay grounded
can’t stay out of trouble like i’m grounded
know you like this sh-t just from the sound
if the cops come around then i’m out this
i swear i’m out this
if the cops come around then im out this
she suck my d-ck i ain’t did sh-t back cause i’m selfish
only person that i really trust is myself b-tch
and my
diamonds they got clarity
golden gimmie that sh-t cause i need rarity
yeah i’m with my crew and the people they like to stare at me
yeah stoned out my mind and play apex
you let more on when you talk so i say less
yeah so i say less
(say less, shoot you in the face with this chopper make you faceless) (cut you off just like you ayleks)

put my money up and it looking like a mile on it
told her sit down lil b-tch you could bounce on it
on the table yeah you know i put a f-cking ounce on it
no moves? got me f-cked up just from the sound of it
what i go thru? had me f-cked up but i’m out of it
say that i’m a piece a sh-t yeah b-tch i’m proud of it

i need like 25 hunnid told em show me
( i could gift like drizzy did with rollies)
f-cked up
life been taking jabs at me
how it feel now that i got my momma mad at me
yeah and if they shooting clap back at what they blasting at me hold up

back then i just p-ssed time
had me mixed up now thinking bout what is mine
got my girl and life going for me that’s a thin line
need green twenties green twenties i need crisp lines, people watching me so much that i should just get twitch time

i need a main ain’t no side hoe
and if you talking down on me then i let the slide go
you can’t correct your sh-t like it’s a typo
ignoring my texts ask me how the nights goes
i’m crazy escape from prison just like i’m sideshow
looking at my girl like aye you f-ck with pyscos?
and i’m high as f-ck
so you know my eyes low
yeah i need the loot right now
i need the prize bro
say do you like off white yeah what’s yo size tho
b-tch i know i did it
they hating on me doubted on me
just from the beginning and its been a war with myself who is you kidding
who is you kidding sorry for my opps they just watching hope i’m slipping