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19 fresh roulette – wild (freestyle) lyrics


down to the casino, yeah
b-tch, i’m countin’ diamonds and my dinero
diamonds icy and spicy like jalapeño, yeah
b-tch i’m gonna conquer this sh-t, you know it
you know i shoot diamonds, i made her smile with my freestyle
take that, diamonds good, yo yeah, it’s mined, you know, yeah
i’m freezin’ that casino, got nice diamonds
that b-tch wild and stays there, my diamonds glow
i can freestyle rap, ask the crowd, it’s a yes
i got stacks like i own monopoly
i ask her friends that they should quit musically
all these cute b-tches think i’m bad
say it to my face, i’ll make them sad
these b-tches on instagram for the clout, i got iced out
100k in my closet and i don’t give b-tches a deposit, yeah
how about giving me head in the tropics