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191281271201238123 – still love lyrics


[verse 1]

love convictions
i can feel it everyday
come and give me some of it so i can just a feel okay
don’t you know that your gold
don’t you know that you hold
everything about me that i love the most
everybody be telling me that i’m all about the business, but baby because of this sickness
i’m feeling viciously ambitious
never-mind that, where’s your mind at?
would you mind if, i rewind that?
take us a back a little bit until the times are nice
i don’t like when we fight
i don’t know if i’m right
am i making the right decision to keep this on the go
but does anybody know?
i don’t know, what you know
but i’m feeling h-lla low
can i please be clear
that this is what i fear
the last piece of love
makes me need to shed a tear
but i’m bare
i’m drained from the bottomless pit
from where i fit
don’t you get
hold on let me take a breath

[chorus] x3
still love
still love
still love

[verse 2]

can’t it be so simple maybe just a little more
man i’m on this journey but my feet are planted to the floor
let me explore
the unknown, even if i have to be alone
don’t you see that this stone
this is the life that i’ve always believed in
i’m never following what you wanted to see end
i’ll defend, everything that i love
because really this is all that i know
sitting back, giving back everything that i enjoy
counting friends, all intends loving all my family
can’t you see, this is me, living in my vanity
nothing less than sanity
strengthening my gravity
i’m all about mentality
all about the love
so baby when see me come and give me all that you got
i only got one life
so i gotta give it a shot
i hope that you can accept it and give me a spot

[chorus] x3

[verse 3]

a come in and give me a kiss
madam, i reminisce
i concur but prefer you miss
because i miss it
i never want to quit loving you
but in view, it’s not meant for us to get the w
i like this, too much, the bust, and come in clutch
the must is that i have it all around with the baddest
because i need to live the grandest not the saddest
apparatus maddest of lives so catastrophic all of the time
no, this isn’t what i dreamed about
nothing like this, but i’m feeling proud
we stuck to ourselves, never giving down
never giving up, who we really are
this is what it’s all about
this life, is what we choose
different directions all these lessons and all of these paid dues
i’m for you, yeah i’m for you
but us together is no longer true

[chorus] x3