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1914 – c’est mon dernier pigeon lyrics


though they dig down to douaumont
from there our bullets will take them
and though they climb up to the vaux

from there we will pull them down

we need more skulls
k!ll, k!ll, k!ll
one ne p-sses pas
tuer, tuer, tuer

600 men who are not afraid to die
boches will swallow their pride
this fort is our grave, you shall not p-ss
cross the rubicon and die

buried ourselves as deep as we could
we breathe down your neck
build barricades inside the corridors
our bayonets always near your throats
major raynal counts the dead
and prepares us for the final attack
he opened the cage and let out the bird
our last racing homer pigeon

decisions made out of desperation
we place the cannon in the corridor
and when it swarms with germans
we shoot, walls splattered in blood