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196 clique – crucifix (devil shit) lyrics


(verse 1: killa b)
as i roll, reach into the sky, killer dimensions
n-gg-s been talking that sh-t, i figure that n-gg- and me gone be entering, the tales of h-ll, as i reach into your chest
burn up all your guts, as i chomp off all your flesh, creep into your room n-gg-, open up your skull mane
reach into your f-cking head, pulling out your f-cking brain, blow a n-gg-‘s -ss off, b-tches wanna talk sh-t, step up, run up b-tch, cause i’ll leave you with a crucifix

(verse 2: lil p)
i was just a young motherf-cker with no kind of life ahead of me, i started selling dope but still can’t come up with no ends g, my n-gg-s who was down with me at first they started selling out, so now i’m locked out in the pen, no keys or no way out, my mama’s always there for me, so to god i’ll have to give my thanks, but even with that love for me, i still started robbing banks, changing from atlantic ville to n-gg-s with that plastic smile, it turned me wild, and with my click, became a f-cking demon child, now i’m rolling the cut cause murder’s all on my mind, thinking about the dead bodies on the curb that i left behind, wondering will i be the next victim of the .45 chrome, staying strapped, watching my back in case i have to get it on, so how in the f-ck you figure that you compare to this sh-t, when i know that you slipping, cause demons be lurking all over your sh-t, and your bodies we split and discard in a ditch, with the mask on my face as we make the escape from the scene of the crime and we leaving them bleed
bodies we torture with glocks in their mouths
and the minute they starting, we taking them out
sticking on them tricks at night, the crucifix is about to take place, chiefing with this click, cause lil p is down to catch a case, killa b, lil e, lil d, and lil bone down with this click, you suckers are trying to run and charge the 196 crucifix!
(verse 3: lil d)
lil d, coming with an axe in my hand to kill
b-tches they make 196 come in with the thrill
witch in my mind, as i read off the revelations
punk -ss boy, don’t get caught up in the hesitation
pull my nine on you tricks, the devil coming real quick
probably drop your -ss when i blast with the mask
take your soul through the spell on the f-cking angel
my mind is cracking and packing like a motherf-cking stranger, the lords of the click ain’t taking no sh-t!
killing as the sky gets dark, mane, i’m so evil
wrap your body as the men pour out some diesel
let your head burn as the fire gets loose
don’t try to get up and run, shot by a deuce deuce
take you to your stash spot, kill your brain, kill your brain
the 196 clique coming, ain’t no game, ain’t no game
f-cking with real clique, you gonna get your -ss killed
then, drop your body in some hot acid b-tch!
lil bone, will a n-gg- be, running when he face the nine?
i don’t think so, hoe, i think he die every time!
grab my ski mask for your hoe, watch how quick you hit the door, man you talking all that sh-t, but you know you got’s to go, i grabbed the bible and i burned that motherf-cker up in smoke, i told the lucifer that that sh-t was not a f-cking joke
the lil d and the “d” stands for “dangerous
get in my f-cking way, because 196 is killing the
a psycho motherf-cker in the click, ain’t taking no savage sh-t
i’m dumping them in the ditch and watch how quick i put the crucifix, i grabbed the police and pulled them in the f-cking lake, so how in the f-ck you figure, 196 is fake?
smoking bud as your body burns to dust, so i don’t give a f-ck
that your -ss just got touched, lil d, lil d, coming straight from 196, you can’t f-ck with the 196 crucifix, crucifix!

(verse 4: lil e)
mane, now it’s time for me to buck them buster b-tches dead
the revelation straight insane, i’m scoping with the infrared
holding my tone, now it’s on, on this stormy night you b-tch
you trizzicks with that anna on your chest, i’m dropping you in the ditch, whoever, whoever i let you burn, let you b-tches burn, talking that sh-t behind my back and i’ll let the trigger treat you busters like sherm, deep in the horror, up in core
where you b-tches and n-gg-s can’t face this sh-t
step in with the blast, redrum on your -ss b-tch
196, leaving your clique, step in with the murder weapon
lil bone, time to declare a stang and lil d, i got the smith and wesson, ak with the 100 rounds, milli-rounds, see if you can count, i can easily kill a n-gg-, buck him where he stands
drop it off to your knees motherf-cker, lay it down
the end of the world, so i’m packing my gun with with them hollow tips, don’t you try to run, you buster b-tch, mane, i’ll catch you slip, as you creep on tippy toes and making your stang, make it complete, rip them back with my gat and i will attack with my n-gg-, lil p, sticking this nine up in somebody’s face and i catch me a case when my glock, ain’t gone stop
and i’m ripping your chest and your skull with my tech and i split the brains off of your face, if you test my clique, trying to get hot like you down with me, flaughing -ss lemon that’s running his mouth with no glock in the front, whip the punk, i ain’t barring, i’m laying these busters like into my trunk
i never come deeper with the flow when i’m full of that dope on me choking, i’m blowing my glock will own a b-tch, charging the 196, trip like a lunatic, working with devil sh-t
got you scared, toning my infrared and it’s on, when you’re alone, when i unload, you must die because i’m high, charging hoes, making cheese, n-gg- please, bring it down to your knees, d, it’s time to creep, deep as h-ll for 196, step and cause some fire, cause it’s time for my crucifix!

(verse 5: lil bone)
coming quick, f-cking high, put the lead in the chrome, put the glock to your head, then you’re dead and i turn, running from the po-lice, family don’t love me, funny man, try and fail, so what’s up? for all these n-gg-s that’s talking that sh-t
they can get their wig split, and i’ll drop ’em in a ditch
but these n-gg-s talking about for the ’95, now you n-gg-s should know that we come with our nines, drinking and i’m thinking about all you busters, you think that i’m tame, cause our players don’t bar you mane, straight from our click and my n-gg-s will creep while you be smoking and choking up all of that p, coming straight from the click, 196 crucifix crucifix in my head, f-cking with devil sh-t, it’s all in our soul, our players are fine to crime, so let’s begin the d-mnation with the bucking of our nines (talking): yeah, it’s lil bone in this b-tch for the 1996…

(end of the song)