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1982 – all night lyrics


[statik selektah] bring in the drums. .
[termanology] whoo! yeah
[statik selektah] showoff, showoff. .
[termanology] i made that up, the “showoff, showoff.” not the name, but the “showoff, showoff. . .” don’t sleep on it
[statik selektah] we just doin our thing (x3)
and [if i do? we’ll find you?]
[termemanology] come on, that’s right. we doing our thing, yall. come on. showoff, showoff. . . you know, unh, hey yo—

[verse 1: termanology]
the best, kali, term, reks and them
we the greatest. ladies, player haters
come on, we gon’ shine like vegas
bling bling bling, come check out my ring
i’m in the front row next to jay at the ring
cotto, pacquiao, mayweather and
ladies rushing in, we in the days inn
p-ssy dripping wet, know you loving the s-x
we gon’ rock all night like we rolling on x
east coast, west coast, down south, unh
know we in the spot and we sipping on some
henny, rémy, belve, goose
moët, rosé, jose, true
give me a shot, come on give me a shot
shorty acting like lebron, she begging for the rock
yup, but she begging for the c-ck
the drinks is nonstop, ciroc and hypnotiq
baby you got it, crazy psychotic
bring your friends too as long as they bout it
unh. . . let your vision get cloudy
d-mn this place crowded, haze and long islands
ladies all wilin’ baby i’m stylin’ on em all night like that

[hook: statik selektah]
rock it all night, all night, all night. . . (x3)
and [if i do? we’ll find you?]

[verse 2: kali]
get low, get dough, hypno, drink slow
let’s go, next show, limosine, let’s roll
all night, alright, we party off white
we drink, we smoke, then we on the next flight
lifestyle, lights out, baby girl i’m a business
always been a big deal, i just need a witness
weed, dancing, half romancing
trips to the hamptons, long beach mansions
yeah, cause i’m sicker than your average
chain all karats, i’m sitting on some cabbage
sunsets, moët, she keep her gl-ss full
she undress i bet you see the cash flow
okay, okay, i know you heard of us
now run along and tell the dj ‘turn it up’
now run along and tell the dj turn it up
now hit the dance floor, girl, let’s burn it up

rock it all night, all night, all night. . . (x3)
and [if i do? we’ll find you?]

[ride out to fade out]