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1982 – everything lyrics


[intro – muzik jones drew]
i done been around the world and i’m back again
somebody better tell the world i’m what’s happening
i done been around the world and i’m back again

[verse 1]
i got a fresh new song, let me sing it for you
i know they’re talking about me, can’t be my paranoia
lawyers want to talk to me now, trying to sit me down
but there’s nothing to talk about except my bank account
add another comma, then we can finally talk about
what we came to talk about, if not then i’m walking out
left foot, right foot, kick rocks pal
educated ghetto child on this elevator down
but i’m on my way up, up through the clouds
and when i start to speeding up, it ain’t no slowing down
it ain’t no e-brake, stopping or pausing
just the baddest one in the spot, in my apartment
just me on the way to the top cuz of these bars and
i did it all because my flow hot, not cuz i’m balling
you can ask my city, my city tell you i’m from around
the place you seen in the departed, the fighter and the town

[hook – muzik jones drew]
bright lights and limousines
all of the finer things that music brings
only i know what it means to me
it’s my everything, my everything
[clothes,] lights and movie screens
i’m seeing all the things i’d ever dreamed
only i know what it means to me
yeah it’s my everything, my everything

[verse 2]
there’s a lot of big money in my sentence
haters want to dead it, made my way through venice
no, not venice beach, talking venice italy
can this really be the lifestyle the lord meant for me?
say grace, say my prayers, count my blessings
shout out all the haters that admire my progression
down with showoff records, though i’m feeling modest
cuz i ain’t reached the peak i’m shooting for as an artist
when i’m not in the crib, i’m probably out touring
somewhere foreign, spending loot on ralph lauren
hundred dollar bills stay filling up my wallet
but i can’t forget the days when i would pick through garbage
trying to fill up a trash bag with empty bottles
forty cans, five cents a pop, two dollars
split it with my cousin, now i got a dollar
bag of chips and a candy bar better than nothing