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1997 cast of king david - never again lyrics


home is the hunter
high flown and contented
home is my lover
all sins were repented
n0ble intentions
words, oh so fine
never again will you let me down
never again will i pine
never again will you call yourself mine

why did you change so?
no real explanation
still unaware of my humiliation
calmly expecting life to go on
never again will i be ashamed
never again put upon
never again will i turn and you’re gonе

i’d give my life to beliеve nothing has happened
i’d give my heart to the man i once knew

oh, how you loved me
strong, passionate, gentle
now you perceive me
all but incidental
words count for nothing
only for show
never again will i suffer this
never again fall so low
never again, but there’s one thing i know
never again
never again
never again will i love a man so

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