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1blaze. – all dawgs go to heaven ft. camden lyrics


all dogs go to heaven so might
catch me with a weapon
he is mine
right on time
shoot em in a line
we are all together
no switching sides
and if i catch a lamen
might sn+tch up his life
all of us roll up
our outfits to the nines
the nina, the pinta
the santa maria
all of our lambs got names
heard you got an acon
blue eyes white dragon
its you that i call on
our watches are all synced
went from pip boys to pateks
days of sitting on mics
to pink champagne up on ice
matching, matching stripes
but like b+tches of all types
they know we are coming
cause the blood moon out tonight
dig dogs dig, dig in
we got steakn shrimp on rice
make sure n wave
to all the ladies who looking nice
luck up on our side ya know
we a high roller club
hating on our swag gotta
hit em with a shrug

(cam verse)

shake em up seven
got the lights out like eleven
its a given fact that
succes is our professions
holding the remote
and i got em all on mute
stacking these funds
so much its up to the root
if one of us makes it
the dawgs will follow suit
she got good angles
think she is an acute
look o look o look
i got stars up in my roof
thier t shirts match the
same up on my shoes (red)
i got no time
for these lames i hit the snooze
dont take hostages
cause i be running fuze
she a bad girl
one with the dragon tattoo
looking all around me
sh+t i could die today
no special effects
nothing more to say
right beside me
they will always stay
rich like the kennedys
but a fate as of jfk
we gon ride tonight so
heaven guide my way
(cam verse)