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1brad – lemonade lyrics


b-tch i sip it like its lemonade
sipping on that henny with juice
like it’s minute maid
b-tch you know i’m getting paid
riding on these city days

baby what you like
baby want you want
i can put you in the louis
buss you in givan
baby this my song
baby this my jam
i can f-ck you all night long
baby what you like
baby what you want
we gon smoke this whole zip
til it’s f-ckin all gone
i got that super strong
you don’t need to call my phone
babe i’m always with you
when we’re distances apart
i told you that i love you so much
from the day we sparked
had a good conversation w you
didn’t wanna stop

b-tch we riding on these city days
don’t you know i’m getting paid
riding on these city days
baby you so fine
i wanna buss you down
baby you my finest dime
be the lemon to my lime
i don’t need a watch for your time
just know that you amazing and i wanna make you mine
i love that you so kind
make me wanna fall in line
you remind me of a rainbow
when i see you really shine
this sh-t is so crazy i got a sober mind
but if you don’t mind
we can sip it up all night ?

sip it like it’s lemonade
i got super water
yeah it splash
call that super ray
i got the munchies baby
need a snack like some frito lays
i get my money either way
riding up in cali
smoking bali
it’s my getaway
all my haters sipping hatorade
they just wanna copy
take my style
call that the hater wave
baby we can smoke
we can cuddle
and chill all night
that’s sumthing i really like