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1bryce – the beginning lyrics


[verse one: 1bryce]
yeah, 1bryce
savvy, n-gga
livin in a small city, n-gga tryna get up out it
envious of small livin, n-gga, tryna get a palace
couple men i brought with me, work hard to get my talents
on the radio in dallas and cali and where it matters
i want that goowop, that money our government do got
they runnin the show and they startin the battles
but savvy’ll never say hoorah
the battles i fight for my mother, my brother’s
my n-ggas i’m runnin streets wit
so why would travel to k!ll some people i never beef with
the sh-t that they make’em sleep wit, nightmares of the bottom
gotta shoot a young child cause he might prepare ya coffin
but he don’t know no better, he protectin where he live
world is sh-tty, life is short, huh especially for that kid
i’m a grown -ss youngin n i thank the lord for it
could of been in indy thuggin but studied, they ain’t know it
we in a dead society can’t be a dead poet
sh-t this ain’t the last supper so give me the red moet
oh the game, gon throw it, cause when i’m in it its over
from underd-gg-n to overseein’ it all, witnessed hova
you hatin n-ggas should grow up you making me wanna throw up
i’m only doin what i know i got college if ion blow up
to them couple sabotagin m-th- f-ckas, tryna hold a brotha down
boy i bet they hate it when i make it from the underground
hope they turn my sh-t up no other sound
cause after ima tour in somethin fly
change the definition of hover round
i’m a do it while i’m young, i’m a do it while its fun
rest in peace to bob marley i’m a do it like his son
when it’s over i be grillin, drinkin n maybe chillin
say why you k!llin these rappers, well why they makin me k!ll’em
i tell lauren everyday, ima make it she said i know
when i left the house she fearin i would fall in every pot hole
smashin them b-tches i know, gettin dirty wit my bros
i’m just tryna chase a dream with no other women on my roads
n-ggas see the struggle, they see the point fivin
he hurtin to get his joint right man that’s that arthritis
i got a soft side it’s, sunny side up
so i ain’t bein nice to you n-ggas till its fired up
boy we wide up wide awake, sick of the servin buyin the steaks
buyin the tables we been bustin’, and they don’t pay us nothin
& everyday it’s a struggle so everyday i would shovel
on any day i would hop on my bike n ride up to kroger
i spent my earnings on groceries
got a backpack of sh-t, i swear them boxes was pokin me
i was ridin while holding’em it was hard as h-ll
plus some of them beaten’s left me scarred as h-ll
believin that my cards was dealt
so i would feel it’s hard to fail, & now it is, i’m gone
destination, throne, designated, long before anyone had known
sh-t every time i spit im putting indiana on
and i swear this the beginning n-gga
swear this the beginning yea
king-d, 1bryce n-gga aye aye

[verse two: king-d tha problem]
i see you bryce, problem kgmg uh
i refuse to be known as the young man who almost did it
who said “the lavish life, yea bruh i almost lived it”
the one whom many talk about and say “he was persistent
see that boy was gifted but faded off in the distance
and shoot we low key miss him, see he was kinda dope
he always spoke the truth and to the youth he spread hope
givin’em all somethin to aim for, always being positive
being a young father figure to the kids who are fatherless
look, cause he was one of them and still is
lookin at all the happy families with his eyes filled with tears
wishin that he could have with they had, a mom and a dad
but he covered up all his pain with a smile and a laugh
dang, he had his big bros and his mom was there
his father was invisi-dad so you guessed it he disappeared
but its coo cause now he can take a clear shot
cause he aims for the stars whether his fathers there or not
all he needed was god and a little family support
always entered contest, constantly came up short
no matter how many times he failed he still had his ambition
with the fire in his eyes and enough heart to keep him from quittin’
he had some fans and a handful of real friends
followed his dreams but was never the one following trends
stood out in the in crowd didn’t fit in at all
the only reason he was in it was cause he could spit bars
and they liked that, but guess what, he wasn’t tryna please them
he was tryna prove wrong all the people that ever teased him
who screamed you suck, you won’t amount to nothin’
this dude said he raps good, we all know he bluffin’
yea his feelings what they were crushing
but this lit the spark that made him say that “i’ll amount to somethin
regardless what they say i’m a go the hardest in this thang
work my heart out tonight, for tomorrow comes the fame
and for all of today’s pain, will come tomorrows pleasure
cause if it’s at it’s worst. it’s bound to get better
see that’s my mind i’m a optimist, i’m in my prime like optimus
see i don’t see no compet-tion cause they all incompetent
you subordinate i’m dominant, not conceited but confident
nowadays everybody’s fake that’s why i don’t accept compliment
they smile all in yo face, say this and that
soon as you turn around, they toss them daggers in your back
without any cares at all, i don’t think is fair at all
but when you confront them they back down when it comes 2 squaring off
wish they’d grow a pair of b-lls, if they did i’d tear’em off
say it to my freakin’ face, i’m triple dog daring y’all
they won’t do it so i got to learn to cope
knowing that they’re doin it’s a difficult thing to tote
and that’s the truest for my family i do this
that’s why i gotta make, it no almost included
and i guarantee you stupid if you think i’m quittin
cause i’m tryna venture away from this hood that i live in
i don’t trust any, i ain’t trusted in a minute
they say forgive and forget, well i forget to forgive em
you only get one life, you gotta live and learn
like i redecorated, i made the tables turn
what i got ain’t no hand me downs, this what i earned
that’s why i’m not concerned when watching these bridges burn
stuff happens and people change, ain’t that some ish
at least that’s the excuse they running wit
or they finally revealed they true colors
you just gotta know which one it is
it makes me wanna fight y’all, man i don’t like y’all
i swear that death must be easy, since life’s hard
i need some fake resistant lysol
and it’s hard to see the truth when the lights off
who turned the lights off?
all i ask is that you don’t turn the mic off
its king-d and 1bryce y’all
let it run
yea, uh, problem