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1dbd – empty, pt. 2 lyrics


could you imagine even two years, being stuck in a cycle always having fears, waking up dreading that you had to go to school, man my life feels like i’m stuck in a whirlpool. choosing him, then choosing me, why couldn’t you make the decision just to make my life easy. so much tossing and turning, my eyes hurting, this life is like a long journey, i think i’m going through stress, have you ever felt the pain of a gun shot in your chest, (shot) it’s almost like your heart is stuck on house arrest, and every time you move there’s no part of you left, i hate to say it but that’s what love is like, having your heart stolen and stabbed with a knife, making you reflect on and think about your life, and your pounding chest keeping you up at night. uh
and these times are getting harder, every time i breathe it’s like my next breath is farther, the days never p-ss it’s like they’re getting longer, am i still weak or am i getting stronger? i guess ill never know, only time will tell, d-mn it feels like father time he just cast a spell, watching me hurt, it’s like i’m going through h-ll, just to grab onto to you, i guess i think i’m odell. d-mn
you know sometimes you just gotta ask the question like… is this person really worth the pain you’re going through? d-mn
yeah our school was so small, rumors got through other people just like dry wall. one rumor, spread to the next, “hey did you hear your girl just went off with her ex” (are you freakin kidding me? man i’m so done) see humans, can be pushed to a limit, but once you reach that limit your just pushed p-ssed what you could give, calling you a thot, is something i regret, and making you cry, made me so upset. i’m sorry, i’m just tired of being treated bad, i really wanted to give you all i had, putting a smile on your face every time you were sad, but i never got the chance it kinda makes me laugh
because you never realized your ex was so trash, he treated you like sh– i guess i’m just the backlash, every time you wanted him you turned on me fast, and left me there to wallow in the past, uh… you see the pain that hurts inside yourself, now you just gave that pain to someone else, you had my heart, you stuck it on the shelf, and now i’m empty i guess my heart can go find love itself…..