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1el1even1 – aye lyrics


i see that car, give me the bar
rolling in with the deep, with the nana
rolling up, see a magpie won’t make a creampie in your lady tonight aye

got a stiffy with a 40 aye
see iggy azalea with the t-tty aye
botox on the daily aye
giving twelve-year-olds a sticky aye

pull up, put a baby in ya aye
roll down the slide aye
got a ?????? aye
put a bullet in your brain
think it cool liquor, i smash brain aye
rolling chain aye
on my brain aye
p-ssy stain aye
on the walls, got the ??????
go the meme page on my instagram
don’t stalk me you don’t even follow me

motherf-ckers i see in the street is sh-t
pull up, pull up aye
i leave the bathroom in the blood pool with the girls on the period ay
i come on the ? (steeriod)?
steroids aye
got the ??? aye
got the dope aye
cocaine on my brain make me f-cking cray aye

i pull up on the park, do a f-cking mad wheelie
doing the dealie
on my steelie
rolling around everyday aye
pull up on to maccas with the cappers
with the tnt trucks rolling wrappers
got a room in the van, in the white van
pull a wheelstand

with the ladies in the backseat going hammers
black girls in the bedroom
white girls in the bathroom
??thug life?? bringing babies