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1flame7 – 21 questions freestyle lyrics


you know what it is, flame
if i got locked down today
would you still love me?
if i had to lie to the judge
would you still trust me?
even though i don’t f-ck with police
would you still cuff me?
i don’t usually take chances
but i feel lucky
21 with 21 questions, 21 problems too
if i been trappin all night
just come home, would you still hug me?
21 with 17 questions
love, do you still love me
i was a dawg in my past
but baby do you still judge me?
i”m a man of my word
if i’m hurt would you cry for me?
if the feds shooting questions to you
would you lie for me?
said i got you like no other
i know you ain’t lie to me
if it ever escalate to the streets would you ride for me?
and, i purchase everything you want and need
feel like i got it all when you’re here with me
it melts for you
but for the streets my heart on freeze
i’m feeling like the one you really need
do i make you feel special without neglecting?
do i treat you with love and never get reckless?
do i question ya love get over protective?
and we ignoring the rumors
we know they jealous
do i be watching your moves like i’ma detective?
when you look back is letting me know you feel it?
it bruise your heart, do you really thank i could heal it?
ain’t no mechanic you really thank i could fix it?
if i was on that piff, in my feelings
bae would you listen?
i was on the mic crying for love
do you still hear me?
since you playin’ blind
do you still feel me?
20 questions, glock 21 i know they still feel me huh?