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1fourty8 – remember lyrics


how can i forget
the way they banged down the doors at night
how can i forget
the way they pulled there guns at random in delight
how can i forget
the way they eyes looked on in disgust at us
how can i forget
my gramma tells over it ain’t just but evil l-st
elitist ,evil war mongering supremist
trying to defeat us, k!lling us no differentiating old from fetus
i’m serious they’re still alive and delirious
waiting for the time to come back and annihilate us
but i won’t forget
so i’ll be ready dis time for your attack
i’ll be hard up to fool and das a matter of fact
i’ll be die hard and cool this time weapons no lack
got a sack filled with bullets labeled with yo names on the back
do i sound temperamental? maybe hotheaded a bit?
do i remind you of a raging tiger having a fit?
well good then be warned as my good men adorn
armored vest across our chest got no more time to mourn

how can i forget and keep on moving on
how can i forget what they do is really wronf
how can i forget stop stringing me along
i can’t forget so i play my song

how can i forget
we stood in line to the right or to the left
how can i forget
mangling doctor spotting prey left bereft
how can i forget
of all divinity stripped of every last dignity
how can i forget
the ovens smoking of my families remains
man it’s k!lling me
but the job ain’t done and so
i’m standing here preparing to finish it
ain’t forgetting your silly grin
and dads bl–dy throat that you just slit
then you just washed your hands
as if you was cleaning yourself off from grit
some times i rub my eyes trying to see
if it’s real or if i’m dreaming it
how can i forget
the little boy that tried to hug his mom scared
how can i forget
the sound of ripping whips and smell of burnt hair
how can i forget
my eyes are dripping now as i write this and i dare
how can i forget
and remember 6 million smiles i can’t share


i’m stuck between rage and self pity and blame
i just wanna k!ll y’all stop looking so lame and so gamed
wanna rid myself of all guilt and the pain
why did you get the left line while i the right to remain
alive and well except for loss of hearing and sense of smell
a slight limp and a tattoo that’s one digit short from h-ll
oh well
but i can’t let my kids see the weakness and dispel
the threat that’s ever looming always
ready to repel
all the hard work and effort the retributions meaning well
so i choke up that tear that’s been trying to leave since forever
i overtake the feeling the need to break down and sever
the last chance to invoke it so i roll it up and smoke it
inhale the excruciating burns of memories
exhale it and dope it
how can i forget
son i’m saying don’t let me deny you
how can i forget
to remember that to them we just jew sin-ew
how can i forget
i’ll take it to my grave and till then remind you
how can i forget
the shame the suffering never again
he won’t let … i hope i really do

(chorus )