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1josephjohn – trinity lyrics



see? i’m on my knees saying: “i want you to be my june wife”
i want to wake up with you after every morning noon and night
i want to see your beautiful smile waiting for me at the door frame
i’m not listening i don’t care what people say – sure i’m lame
everyday i can’t wait to embrace your fiery four foot frame
i don’t want to hurt you i’m not a player nor do i have game
i want to be a part of your family i -ssure you this feeling is to remain
i won’t give out your number i swear on everything and / or my name
when you go away i want to feel that pain
that’s the love i have for you – it’s so insane
i can’t help but stare – your lips look so beautiful
i want to be the one and only one who kisses you
as i continue to stare i’m so in love with those lips
i want to be on you and above your nose and hips
oh! and the way you shift
there i go into a drift
you’re dripping with sweat
you squatting gyrating vet
you’re dancing so exotic
seducing joe is the topic
you’re without pants and wearing only the hottest
just the sound of your high heels – it’s so hypnotic
you’re so s-xual – you’re so full of l-st
steamy and i love the way you thrust
now you’re just swaying back and forth
i’m saying! these are all facts for what it’s worth

by 1josephjohn
© 2011 1josephjohn (all rights reserved)