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1k – tew wet lyrics


yeah man i need a umbrella or sumn
a towel
a god d-mned…sumn
like sh-t!
this sh-t’s…idk even know bruh
let’s get it

( hook )boy my sauce tew wet (yuh) (x8)

f-ck 12!
i guess a n-gga needa get a bulletproof vest!
afrika on my chest!
nothing on my neck!
but i want the baddest girls twerkin’ to my f-ckin sh-t!
up in magic city getting rid of college debt
1k is the best (get em)
1k got up next (get em)!
you is not a threat (get em)!
you ain’t eeen gotta flex
all this polo i got on yeah i thrifted it
retro jordans on
yeah boy i rock the best
f-ck hilary!
f-ck donald!
ion give a f-ck!
all this henny got me slurrin like i’m daffy duck!
i’m just a young n-gga tryna get a few bucks!
’cause amerikkka don’t show n-ggas no love!


sauce wetter than a sweaty whale. (eww yuh)
will i live to see 40?
only time will tell
munchies got my stomach hungry like a grizzley bear(sh-t!)
smokin’ cali strong
yeah n-gga i’m high as h-ll (floatin!)
my sauce drippin’ cross the floor
it ain’t even fair!
your sauce dryer than a muf-ckin pr-ckley pear (haha!)
so cold i need a sponsor by fridgedaire (frozone!)
can’t copy my st–z n-gga it’s really rare!
i got the sauce that can fill up the pool
rebel lifestyle breakin’ all the muf-ckin rules
life short
money long so guess what imma f-ckin do?
i’ma keep gettin’ wompa fruit like crash bandicoot (yuh!)