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1k phew – thi’sl speaks lyrics


[spoken: thi’sl]
nephew what up you know i had to check-in
it’s the big homie tuning in all the way from st. louis man
tell you one thing i’ve learned, you can’t please everybody
the same thing you do to make some people happy might make some people mad
at the end of the day you know what you gotta do
keep being true to who you are
keep being true to who god called you to be
be the best version of yourself
you can’t be no a n0body
ain’t no cookie cutter allowed on this mission that we on
everybody not gon’ even understand
today you gotta keep true to what you doing
be true to what your doing and make sure that
you’re following the plan that god laid out for you
because that’s gonna be the only thing that matters
at the end of the day
so you know what it is, you need me just tap in
i’m on my way, i’m on a plane, i’m on a train, i’m in the car
i’m on the bus, i’m doing whatever i gotta do
to get to you