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1knaz – dont o.d lyrics


stay humble and down i’m moving silence
ain’t with twitter fingers i like the violence

boo’d up yeah hot like a sana

i’ll steal your b-tch word to your mama
i ain’t with the drama

look at this drip please dont trip
but i’m counting blue chips but i ain’t no crip

foupe you’s a b-tch come around town get yo -ss h-t
then hand u over to the 5th

trynna be tuff you lame as sh-t
i can go on and on all in these verses

ima wait til i see you in person
old -ss guns when you walk up

your -ss done ran kuz them sh-ts gon jam
walk away like that wasn’t the plan

upper hand b-tch i always been the man
i dont need no clip i don’t even need guns

lil n-gg- just run me your one
you n-gg-s serious i do this for fun

got him shaking out his clothes like he got stunned
you say i’m a b-tch and i got to say how

i’m the talk of town make a b-tch run her mouth
i ain’t never snitch i was never the type

the truth eventually come to the light
little f-ckers i ain’t worried about you

got 2 bad b-tched washing the coupe
ima put all my old hoes in a group

set trippin n-gg- dont know what to do ya