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1kp – 1k – outro lyrics


oh my god is that 1kp?

[verse 1: naz]
f-ck n-ggas always trynna be on some dumb sh-t
pull up, i pop out
you know i be on that gun sh-t
n-ggas be on that run sh-t
n-ggas know i run sh-t
can’t stop, i won’t quit
ima be on the top b-tch
get money ima be rich
bought my hoe whole lots of sh-t
new shoes, new whips, tv’s, new cribs
smoked a blunt she took a hit
right before i wrote this sh-t
yea you know we f-cked a bit
yea you know she l!cked the tip

[verse 2: cozy dload]
gotta keep it 1k (1kp)
me and the gang can’t trust n0body (n0body)
in my own lane, doing cool things (what?)
with 2 chains
can’t f-ck with lames (woah)
and you know i’m so cool
loud pack got me acting like a fool (a d-mn fool)
this b-tch try to try to play me like a fool

[verse 3: nick]
she tried to play you like a fool?
go to school
mama said 1k dont be acting like no fool
yeah we walking with that limp, cause we strapped up with that tool
dropped these bars in the summer, had to launch em in the pool
n-gga this is 1kp, yeah we makin b-tches drool
did the beat go off?
you thought this sh-t was over
yeah they say i’m lucky i ain’t tatted with the clover
ridin in the black foreign and a new rover
stayed up all night lookin drunk but a n-gga still sober
aye give my youngins props
they steady in stu not even worried bout the ops
we steady in the heat like a corn that’s bout to pop
we changing like obama n-gga, a mic ’bout to get dropped