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1kquan – chance lyrics


chance by 1kquan
when i see my chance ima take it aye
they be plottin they be hatin aye
i’m at the bottom of the pot and i’m scr-pping aey
ya aey
i want that beamer un i want that wraith i gotta pray ya i gotta pray
my name 1k ima make it one day why envy ? why hate ? watching what’s on another n-gg- plate i swear you n-gg-s is fake i check chase raised to carry my own weight 1k (verse1)

(verse2) i just wanna be successful i just wanna count that cheddar i’m the greatest its no one better ye its no one better i roll like renegade i got that juice no minitmade i’m paid in full like ace gang ain in da rap game for da fame i just want a lil change i want five rollies i want big chains blessed signed me dj khalid i’m up next we da best ion gotta flex i’m check chasing to blessed to be stressed stressed all i know i’m bout to blow no stop i’m on go i’m nemo swimming with the sharks yo ain no rapper ima artist yo that g-ngb-nging y’all can have it yo don’t get me wrong i got some savages aey i just wanna be successful i just wanna count that chedder i’m da greatest its no one better un