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1life mac – freestyle 1 lyrics



whatchu laughing at?
you get wrong
atchu we clapping at
you clap once
we clap twice
you clap three times
we jump to five
that’s alot of bullets flying n-gga
can you handle it?
i don’t think you can
you been p-ssy all your life
i can see it in your eyes
you aint bout dat life
you claim you bout dat,but you aint bout dat life
all my n-ggas bout dat life
be careful before you lose your life
all my n-ggas,they go stupid
we don’t f-ck with dat love sh-t
n-gga we ain’t cupid
ahh ahh ahh all we do is get money
s/o to my dawg boo money
free my dawg ced that’s locked up for selling coco
my dawg he a hustla,you know he had to get dat dough
we can’t starve,we won’t starve
we some hustling jits
everyday we get it
everyday we flip it
if you a l!ck and we see it
best believe you gon get hit n-gga