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1mike – commercial break lyrics


ugh…lets take a break from the commercial
nothing living is eternal in this blue and green circle
the clouds are purple and the windows cracked
them 808’s turned loud i cut the wheel as i’m sitting back
im on the search for real rap, im trine bring it back
and giving less than my all, i couldn’t live with that
put out my first mixtape, it did great
a couple months and now my name is buzzing outside of the states
but wait
thats cool and what not, but i got a lot to learn
and i’m the first to admit it thats why i’m not concerned
shout out the ones that ever did me wrong
it built me strong, now i’m more than liable to put the city on
my first project…. gave you my thoughts
as a youth, now part two is coming straight from the heart
check it
i left school cause i felt it never thought me sh-t
except find my life purpose and accomplish it
living at my mommas crib i’m holding my faith
hard times ain’t forever you can shoulder the weight
see most people gon’ break, when the pressure keeps adding up
n-body taught me how to rap i wanted it bad enough
parties i was p-ssing up, music is the sound i love
i hope that helps you understand why i ain’t around as much
don’t forget the ones that stay when your life bad
one thing missing from my soul is a price tag
empty pockets, but theres millions in my heart
its beautiful cause when i’m gone, ill keep living through my songs
i lived wrong then found then found light…it always shined the other way
now its finally come my way, please deny that ill be great
go ahead, you just feeding that fire within
accept a loss like a man but die trying again
and don’t you ever be content with just giving up
no matter what, don’t let them tell you that your dreams ain’t big enough
even the wisest…were once foolish
when the situation changes, g*niuses could feel stupid
and not everyones a go-getter
but goal setters know better than to sit around and wait
and mistakes make us smarter,you snakes keep my guard up
and when people disappear we miss the things we used to hate about them
thats real talk, some people lie for attention
and to these hoes, i’m so ghost unless i’m riding in benzes
d-mn, where are all the gurus and premiers in the earth
the lauryn hills flowin’ ill, young nasir with the verse
my hard work is overlooked if you think i’m just gifted
and the only thing i ask is never treat me like i’m different