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1mike – you lyrics


never mind what’s their perception of you
what you’ve been told to do, what they expected from you
so when they tell us what to write, but haven’t stepped in the booth
this especially for you, right now just let me keep connecting with you
make songs without a message for who?
people in the clubs i ain’t ever stepping into
rock no less than rolexes and a neck full of jewels
but feel worthless unless these strangers pay attention to you
when you broke you find out who really checking for you
rich looking poor rappers i can mention a few
if you a new age artist, here’s my message for you
connect with your roots, and learn to give respect when it’s due
‘cause nowadays it’s popular to keep stretching the truth
the more fame you gain, you naturally forget to be you
i was too poor to spend semesters in school
paid enough attention to know that hard lessons improve
a short list if i mention who successfully grew
‘cause those that made it out the hood was always less than a few
am i naive to believe that them numbers were skewed
if some of the greatest that ever lived, were projected to lose
see i’m just setting the mood, the compet-tion is nervous
every time they expected us to sink, we resurface
years of feeling inside i ain’t living with purpose
brushed aside once i started painting pics with a certain mystique
mindfulness, unique bravado
when mc’n, clichés…
let’s speak about those with more love
no guns, no lean in styrofoam
no b-tches, no hoes, no freaks & sideshows
no chains, no money, no sleek designed homes
no fames not for me, let’s redefine growth
look deeper than deep, if you peek at my soul
rich from within, underneath i shine gold
f-ck the radio, this for the people i know
still believing in me when i feel like i don’t
try reading my notes if you seek to find hope
writing until sunrise i don’t sleep on my goals
i’d out-write y’all with both hands tied and eyes closed
see my pen games alright, but freestyling is my thrown
still keep a smile shown when i’m hurting inside
‘cause sh-t could always be worse, and this is word to the wise
let’s rise