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1mo – brave lyrics


yeah but we gon keep it on
the down low…

face card good in da hood
ion even need a permission slip

been pumping gas out da spot
lately nawl ieen get it from da quick trip

all our mamas know dem
boys thugging hard
growing up
we was just some athletes

shawty got k!lled tryna keep up
like he died running at a track meet

all da pain n everything i been
through lotta y’all n-gg-s woulda
been gave up

but i’m from da 4 real
project baby it was always rough

told her i was gon get her
hair did but i had my fingers crossed

where i’m from we can’t even
fire our head coach we just
gotta take our loss

but dem young n-gg-
gon get even

dey gon grab dem sticks
k!ll em after 5 it’s gon
be a bl–dy evening

dem boys in murder season

my auntie died da same year
as my uncle and my lil brada too

just thank god ieen catch no
charge cause i was thinking
bout murder too

lil joe why dey had murdered you
i still need answers

need to stop smoking dese
cigarettes cause my auntie died
from cancer

just wonder when we gon
see some better days

quit playing ball but
todd ain’t let dat dream fade away
(das my lil n-gg-)

we was in school we shared
da same kicks i was 10 he wore a 9
but we still made em fit

dey ain’t gon like me when
i make it ion really give a f-ck

cause i’m in da studio right now
and i got dis pistol tucked

b-tch if my brudda dem want
smoke den i want cancer too

str8 out of south west of atlanta
my hometown a zoo

ieen never talked down on
no n-gg- i just handle business

and if dem f-ck boys wanna step
den just p-ss me my timberlands

n-gg- gon run down on da opps
like we gave em a head start

slide by myself but i got some
soldiers who is really gon march

knew you was 12 and yo
birthday ain’t even in december

want me to me fall and i wun even
born in november

dat boy a clown like his mama
had em on april 1st

ain’t no stunting no p-ssy right
now i’m tryna get dis paper work

when my lil brada had
got shot it shook
da whole team

told his mama keep her
head up her nose wun even

kc got kilt now i see blood
every time i close my eyes

i feel my granddad watching me
when i look up to da sky

knew u would cross me yo favorite
player was kyrie
(kyrie irving)

so i had to step back no hesitation
like kd
(just like durant)

murk & twin gon take
ya order but dey ain’t
waiting no tables

lil buck turned everybody on
and ieen talking bout cable

i feel dis sh-t here getting
big like notorious

i done took l after l
now i’m feeling victorious

jaytoven cup so dirty
throw it in da

still in da trap spot
u want it vacuum seal
or in a ziplock

started going in
bar for bar now
dese boys want features

well you better hit
jigg up wit ya budget
cause ain’t no freebies
(das on god)

my mind been beefing
wit my heart cause ion
kno which 1 to choose

told big mike we might
not win em all but ween
gon never lose

load all dese glocks
cause if we b-mp into
da opps ima let em loose

head tap all of dem n-gg-s
ween even playing
duck duck goose

ain’t got no big dawgs roun
here cause dis da planet of
da apes

dat boy wun even from
da a but he got k!lled tryna be