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1ne – free lyrics


(leqx – intro)

free kodak black
free el chapo

free me from negative energy

(cliff stunner – verse 1)

channeling my dragon with my energy
they looking for the nice guys
sorry, i breath fire, that will never be me
i’m always pointing middle fingers to the microphone

when i rap it can never be clean
i’m sick of these f bombs all the time

my inner self tryna talk to me
but i ain’t listen coz my inner self be h-lla twisted
he on some good guy sh-t

i only listen to the part of my mind that’s still a child
the version doing isht without giving a d-mn
ain’t no sucker for pain
always been a sucker for bands

looking so d-mn cold i could make you freeze
spit fire in the booth got sinister moves i call that sh-t speaking heavenly

my music touching the kids i give em nickelodeon memories

everyday when you talkin to me bish it’s yoh birthday better make a wish

new alb-m on the way we tryna make sp-ce for the plaques

we moving units all around the world like it’s c-ke

escobar season we got plugs out in medaeen
fan mail in lingoz i couldn’t even read
heard you people talking i can never complain

i see all you do is talk -why should i complain?

listening to ye like i’m another free slave
but it’s all in my mind i am in a freestate

i know some bish that wanna get it done
i know she go hold it down she love the d-ck game
i got friends and ex’s that want my clique again

had the time of their life now the want it again
but that can never happen cross me once, never again
im on some crazy sh-t

im on some other sh-t

i’m on some making sh-t happen sh-t


(leqx – chorus/hook)

free me from negative energy
negative energy negative energy
free me from negative energy
negative energy negative energy

(verse 2)
if i get paid a million dollars that’s my rent
i don’t even spend and am fly clerk kent
call me the superman coz i be sn-tching you msupa men
i’ll be balling like am jumpman jumpman jumpman
shooting the hoops
then buying the coupes
for my n-gg-s the troops
we k!lling your goons
gratata n-gg- tombs apocalypse soon 808 moves
i don’t enen need a bullet for proof
i know that you did it n-gg- you a douf
your negative energy,that is proof
shoot you the head now you poof
thoof thoof thoof thoof all you n-gg-s dead
now i can make my bread
f-ck the feds