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1ner – freeze lyrics


this flows incredible to me just like that young boy dash
and i don’t drizzle on the beat cuz i prefer to splash
we’re getting clout like everyday so what’s the point in cash
and we can hit you with a hook like nicky catching b-ss
i didn’t know i loved to rap until i tried it
e is hitting 3-pointers in games just like a trident
we so cold on that beat we got them haters like burr
we sneaking to the top to swipe it like we swiper
back for seconds and yall know i am a turning ya
i know yall hate us but yall lowkey wanna turn us up
i paint my lyrics like pic-sso i’m an artist ya
these bars be turning heads while lazy rapper
these lyrics stuck all in your head just like an evil genie
maybe cuz you like the taste of em just like some fettucine
please don’t get mad at us cuz we got this track spinning
perfectionist now we don’t take them l’s and now we winning
hook on hundred like i’m all up in the paint that kareem
my games like the t-shirts with the box logo that’s supreme ya
and you know that i be of the rip like my jeans aye
and i’m an outsider i don’t mess with in between
if you wanna see what imma do to reach all of my goals
then i’m finna do it staying focused sticking to the code
put me in a race form underrate me like i’m toad
but i still be winning yall be slipping like it’s rainbow road ya
i’ve been writing bars sense like the seventh grade aye
now these jits are rapping like it just became a wave now
i am in my zone so this rapping it ain’t a faze and
i’m just being me so don’t complicate it like a maze
and i feel like mike cuz i’ve been flying high from the jump and i’m running,running,running on my ground like forest gump ya
i don’t know what you be saying speaking in tongues
and i called some shots they called me back my iphone rung