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1problemxhild – stain lyrics


gas gas

an astronaut

i’m g-ssin now

no i’m not

detergent therefore

i can’t be no stain


u n-ggas p-ssy better

stay up in ur lane

tht boi think he a dragon

he gone end up slayin

ill end here

tht p-ssy tight

no vacuum seal

an open book like

dragons tales

i’ll cut tail

i crack seal

f-nny pack

on hip

look like a tourist

feel like dora

with the bandz

i been explorin

knockin on this


i just might burn down the

whole forest

didn’t f-ck with


because tht sh-t was

just so borin

when u was

tryin trynna get it

they treated u


grown boi on my own i feel important

always been the man

i feel important

felt like i left home

it’s just me on my own

had to turn off my phone

3 iphones

and i still can’t find home

need a place to call home

i’m like gary come home

feel like gary come home


f-nny pack on hip hop look like a

a tourist feel like dora with the bands

ive been explorin

knock knock on this

wood i just might burned

down the

whole forest

i’m g-ssin nowx2

i thought u knew

no astronaut

i’m spancin

gas gas gas gas