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1st – don’t like me lyrics


[intro – supreme]
yeah man.
this n-gg- or these n-gg-s is watchin.
talkin bout i did it for fame hoe -ss n-gg-
you know who i’m talkin to

[chorus – supreme]
so you really don’t like me
so you really don’t like me huh
and you really wanna fight me
do you really wanna fight me son
i ain’t really wit the beef
even though i’m tryin to eat
and you can’t have none
so i kick back and chill
just show you how i live
now haters tell me ain’t that fun

[verse 1 – supreme]
h-ll yea i’m gone hold a lot of animus
to you n-gg-s trying to judge like a panelist
wanna break a n-gg-s down like -n-lyst
and of my haters your my number one candidate
so i vote you n-gg-s off the island
i pray to god cause i don’t wanna be violent
why you mad my n-gg- because i’m styling
and now i’m d-gg-ng you haters but i aint growling woof.
horsin around get hit with a hoof
smart -ss n-gg-s get hit with a book
bad lil boys get hit with that look
when you playing with a king don’t shift like a rook
i do what i did cause i can
and stopped it because of the families demand.
here what i’m saying
so since i did it for the fame
just know i’ll doing it again.


[verse 2 – jclay]
wait wait wait wait, what’s that?
man you n-gg-s aint nothin
you already stole what you wanted so clearly,
you n-gg-s aint talkin bout money
man i hate jclay
well i’m right here dude
a n-gg- ain’t talkin bout runnin
your problems can be solved on that roof
but you n-gg-s aint talkin bout jumpin
so watch me get like a baseball player
cuz i spit like a baseball player
i hit like a baseball player
n-gg- i rich like a baseball player, yeah
well it’s gettin there
it’s not a doubt in my mind, that you sittin there
watchin my grind from yo kitchen chair
lookin all side eyed like a chicken scared
ba caw
drinkin bacardi
blame it on the alcohol, naw blame it on baldy
sure your demise is proly my fault, my fault
that you get disrespected like a cop cart
n-gg- this 1st like a ardvark
yall can all just kiss my dark spot,
one tone