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1st verse – latte larry’s lyrics


[verse 1]

we got the beans
we got the beans
if life’s my wife i got her hittin’ notes in opera keys
took a chance but it’s not no slot machine
d+mn near a dropout with fans that got degrees
to fans that keep a pocket rocket
doing things to clock a knot that you would not believe
make the law a mockery
i had they shotgun in my face once
coming out the spot into the sting
i was sixteen
best reminder not to skip my eyes could’ve seen
but the schoolhouse couldn’t shield us from the size of the machine
and we was in there enterprising for cream
shout out to my patnas penalized in they teens
and kids of convicts
institutionalized in they jeans
how do you tear the fabric
when its wearing on you tryna carry you backwards
how do you deviate from the disasters
how do you love life enough to consistently casket curve
look death in the lids and live to laugh about it afterwards