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1stress - ​dieee4u lyrics



i got h+lla razorblades now i seepy w my mommy
she call me h+lla edgy n i tol her jus 2 block me v__v
do u kno wht id do i would die 4 u ;+;
dont believe me well its fine cuz ur ran thru >:3
lets b real plz stop stalking me i cn see u on my page
i think u need sum copium the kind that affects ur brain xd
anesthesia oxy my life is a horror scene
i stab tht body up shes addicted to the way it bleeds

nd my razors gone dull
ion wanna feel like this im gettin old
took my f+ckin chance yea i f+ckin rolled the dice
she said that she wanna f+ck then say my namе jus twi+

ion rlly give a f+ck
turn my body to a snuff
bby let me rot yеa i can never get enough
ion wanna say goodbye
ion wanna see you cry
found you in the stall so ill stab you like a million times 0_0
touch me like my pastor
this sh+t doesnt matter
shes just a thot so you want her you can have her
all these wh0res bore me
yur so annoying
when i see yur face ill jus vomit cause
you owe me
everytime u talk 2 me i swear that u act different
always by myself, swear im always on a mission
im a public enemy so please just keep ur distance
laying in ur arms as im bleeding through incisions
always tryna drain my energy ur so exhausting
step up on the scene and me and stress are f+cking flawless
told her go and find my f+cking mind cause i just lost it
attachment issues got me feeling anxious, really nauseous
i really want u, u know i want no one else
im so obsessed with you, it feels like you just cast a spell
stuck in ur bas+m+nt but i won’t even scream for help
i’d rather lay here and rot in this f+cking cell

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