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1take – no smoke lyrics


[verse 1]
i swear all u basic -ss n-gg-s lookin’ tacky
thinkin’ u got fits lil’ n-gg- lookin whacky
young 1take b-tch i’m hot like a taki
remember used to wear converse, cuffed khakis
swag on jfk now i need me a jackie
money and the drugs only thing that keep me happy
your b-tch on my d-ck tryna make me a daddy
kicked the b-tch out she was actin’ too s-ssy
young 1take po’ me up some acky
smokin’ loud sh-t i think this strain is iraqi
seen the sh-t you smoke n-gg- your weed is jus cr-ppy
i want a bad b-tch dresses well real cl-ssy
make her suck my d-ck she gone swallow all my sprouts
but before i kick her out man she gotta clean my house
i can never wife a hoe
i can never be a spouse
i be in paris or la but i was born in the south
man you know how i’m coming
man you know how i rock
talk sh-t we can handle it in the middle of your block
you’re puddle of sh-t so we pull up with a mop
then we finna hit a stain i ain’t talking clorox
and your girl she say i’m stunnin’
through a bankroll i be thumbin’
spend it all like it is nothing
young n-gg- who just loves stuntin’
and that dope i just be puffin’
some chief so is what i’m b-mping
eating noodles and some dumplings
swear my life is just a blessing

they dont want no smoke
n-gg-s mad they broke