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1takejay – arco lyrics


wait hold up, i’m finna turn this b-tch up, ayy
1take jay, why all these n-ggas wanna be him?
jumped out the bed just to jump in your b-tch dm
he an -ssh0l-, why all these b-tches wanna freak him?
’cause he be poppin’ it and every b-tch he f-ck believe him
b-tches in they feelings, talking ’bout they wanna bleed him
who is 1take? b-tch you probably wanna meet them
naked pics of your b-tch, let me delete them
and shout out baby stupid, oh yeah, bop, free him
jumped out the bed just to jump in your b-tch dm
jumpman b-tch, we brought the glock-23 in
if she ain’t tryna throw no p-ssy then i’m leaving
her n-gga broke, why would the f-ck i wanna be him?
big bank, christian louboutins, i’m finna bleed them
squabble up, sock him in his sh-t, i’m finna bleed him
he broke, you f-cking with a bum, baby leave him
my b-tch sendin’ them long -ss texts, i don’t read them
bop bop, wig on a pig bring the cheese in
i don’t smoke but baby i’m the plug, bring the weed in
hi-tech, like i’m tryna get a kiss, i’m finna lean in
i’m not a p, you actin’ like a ho so bring a fee in
please name a bad b-tch that wasn’t in my dm
call me john cena ’cause these n-ggas couldn’t see him
please name a bag that i wasn’t tryna be in
i’m checkin’ chicken, f-ck these b-tches, f-ck ’em then i free ’em
maxin’ out the rentals, it’s tints on the window
gold in my dental while my b-tch pop skittles
’98 arco, i gas instrumentals
i’m the only stray dog that they let out the kennel
i call these n-ggas p-ssy ’cause they too sentimental
she talkin’ ’bout, “you miss me?” sh-t i guess, just a little
how the f-ck you finna leave me? i’m your kid’s favorite hero
free drakeo, it’s big bank uchies, it’s not a little
cashin’ out like i’m really rich, i really do that
i only need a band for the feature, i’m running through that
it’s hard to comprehend but my fit cost two stacks
i had a couple bands, but like a shooter, b-tch i blew that
all my ex-b-tches was hoes, i got some new racks
tax season, dr. miami, she got a new -ss
pic-sso, my kids on her skin, she got new tats
i f-cked her last night, seen her this morning, said who that?
bop, b-tch i still can’t take an l in a lexus
and b-tch i still chose up on your best friend
you still ain’t make the right move, you gettin’ left b-tch
shout out the plug, b-tch i’m plugged in with my mexicans
cl-ss is in session, get a bag the first lesson
they tryna figure out am i a bully or a blessing?
on the bible, send a tray around, i need my collection
now they tryna figure out am i the deacon or the reverend?
you hear me?