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1takejay – idk lyrics


ay dat probably tago
pipe that sh-t up tnt
wait hol’ up, i’m finna turn this b-tch up

naked pics of your b-tch on my snapchat
money on your head, bullets rip through your snapback
imma dog, never put my face where the cat at
you thuggin, but you name in them papers, you a lab rat
subtweeting, n-ggas better mention who they mad at
gift wrap, put you on your porch in a glad bag
sl1ck talk, tell a b-tch i’m broke, but i had cash
b-tches really f-cking for revenge, you that mad
stop it, cus i’m a motherf-cking dog
i get money and f-ck hoes, and i love to talk sh-t
f-ck a whip, i sell a b-tch like a auction
strap up, cus b-tches burning n-ggas, be cautious
b-tches love to talk, let me know when you finish
you ain’t even got a job, so it’s f-ck your opinion
take you on a date, tie your shoes, cus you trippin
i drop d-ck and leave, i ain’t staying with these b-tches
i ain’t gotta prove sh-t, n-ggas saying i ain’t with it
yeah a’ight, n-gga this chop bigger than a midget
like a six oh, let that b-tch sing for a minute
tryna kick me out society, cus b-tch i’m a menace
red bottom, nail me to the cross in my christian’s
big money, pocket full of blues like im crippin
you broke, cus you always in another n-gga business
you good for a nut, b-tch don’t get it twisted
post a pic of my b-tch, so these hoes know the difference
but i never cuff, cus hoes love switching
eat a plan b, that’s a incomplete mission
no babies, i always wear a hat like a fitted
b-tch, if you don’t like it, don’t listen
it’s levels to this sh-t, i’m a porsche, you a civic
i’m fly as a eagle, you a dirty -ss pigeon
since you on a n-gga d-ck, come hold it while i’m p-ssin’
51-50, checking b-tches off the hit list
being broke, n-gga that’s a incomplete sentence
you got a six pack, all i got is extensions
bullets rip through walls, give a f-ck about your [?]
track meet, f-ck it, run it up like a athlete
uncle sam, get yo -ss robbed tryna tax me
freak b-tch, everybody f-cking, you nasty
i love free promo, go ahead b-tch at me
it’s funny, your b-tch used to walk right past me
but karma is a b-tch, now i’m stored as her daddy
she getting knocked down, if the b-tch send the addy
don’t call me about something i been hit last week

goodbye, i appreciate your time