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1v1.bando – ‘recommended’ lyrics


recommended [t-hook]
foe the ops
steady hating
n-gga stop
i run up wettin up yo blk
you only livin
cause luh chop
yo youngin walkin talkin
spillin yo biz
im lookin foe bags
ain’t got time foe you jit{b-hook}
walkin on ice
made it back from jbiz
staccin it up dont fall-jenga
made it so i gotta put my ring up[yowup]
yng blds dien
so we gotta put dem things up
learnin how to shoot(bu-hook)
dont know how to aim
yngin takin lives
yngin betta fix his range
i only like chicken
cuz da beef gettin plain
argue fuh da clout
ya dey argue foe da fame
dey say dey different breeds
but dey all actin da same(eobu-hook)
can’t do freinds
cuz dey switch like a lane
gotta clear a path
cuz my plane go insane
i dont do cd’s
cause dey mostly contain games
ain’t got no time t2 play wit life
its blk k!lllin blk
like yall work foe da whites
kilt yo luh brudda
but u “”figth foe yo rights””
you trade on yo bros
creepin through da night
idk abt yall but the add up
just ain’t right
wish bro to fly high
cuz he took his own life
siblings drop dead
thru da day and da night
bullets like ebola
k!ll you faster
n-gga hollup
yo brudda kilt yo baby
but you stil hangin wit em
it crazy yall cut yall love ones out’
and keep yall pain in da picture
if you really love yo self
you’ll keep all yo bros witchu
cus if it wasn’t for yo hype man
da struggle would’ve just kilt you