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1vezzy – 5verses lyrics


remember they didn’t listen now they spit
back every word, they said something was missing but they know every verse, i should’ve wore protection, i knew i was tripping, now i gotta give em back every third, i made a song about how it’s the worst, but it’s the time to be reimbursed, ima turn to karma and make sure the roles are reversed, be on the look out cause i’m sending no alerts, sending no alerts

so don’t be alerted and don’t be shocked, me and my homies was always around, when sh-t got shot, everybody had hope, they was tryna make it off the block, and i was the first one out, i said i was gone make it with or without, now they about, hitting my phone, and asking how i been, if i ain’t tell you personally i want you to see through a lens, they say it was forever but god had a change of plans, i saw my future if i stayed so i ran, i looked myself in the eyes, and said you the man, even when you mad, cause you do what you can

they say i was always that guy, and i say not at all, i used to be an underdog, now i’m big dog, and my sh-t hit hard, n-gg-s acting tuff, ima hand em they b-tch card, b-tches say ima bit harsh, and i got bit bars, but the only thing biting me is that remark

but don’t get ahead of yourself, settle yourself, she told me i’m the reason that she did it, but she letting herself, i am young, i am in love, that’s a lesson to self, i am on a paper chase baby, i’m looking for wealth, it’s truly incredible, i’m a public figure, i am unforgettable, but forget about me, i wanna be known by the whole d-mn county, i really wanna know who really f-cking found me, the good me is the proud me, i know if you fake, cause the air around you is cloudy, i’m just tryna make it

i wanna be something to somebody, it could be thick, or it could be a slim body, i wanna be known for my hobby’s, i’m sorry grandma, cause i’m not east, making it for you, and everyone who want me to make it