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1vezzy – all in lyrics


people are funny but don’t even know, it, they tell me they love me but don’t even show it, watching all mentors like oh i owe him, but that’s just mentality, i can’t even believe this is reality, i told her i was sorry she still mad at me, i’d rather be happy then mad at me, but it’s okay stay mad at me, cause i don’t need you, you better be happy i treated you, you didn’t even listen you just heard the previews, you were never all in, i should of said yes to jocelyn, she was a sweetheart, she put me in complete charge, one hundred percent and we split into three parts, that’s three three point three, that means my angels are near me, i got what i requested, gotta lot of work so keep me rested, dominate, work, strive, i re-ssured it, if it ain’t no jay b-tch i still secured it, i’m an independent professional she wasn’t all in, so the event was going down, she tryna get even off the ground

don’t cry them tears again, why am i here again, when i was with you, you made me feel like a kid again, joy brought to my face from my smile to my actions, it’s been a while since i had to share my rations, i know you get me so i’m not worried on your reaction, the people around told me you were a distraction, just act like they never said it, it says seen but i act like i never read it, i said don’t bring drama into my life and if you do i’ll just dead it, you told me don’t leave, i left and i don’t regret it, cause you did wrong with ease and laughed when i checked it, i told you all my dreams, so when you see me on your favorite program don’t be surprised, i got blue bills and i’m verified, it was all apart of the plan i’m mastermind, don’t be knocking on my door because i’m not coming outside, you wasn’t saying you missed me when you had me or when you had me hypnotized, what was your mindset, you were wasting all my time and letting time tick, i lost my heart let’s see who can find it, it may be cold i left on a ice stick

you said you were all in, i’m falling for the faller, you said i was balling, and you left me for a baller, you said i could call you, but you shot calling, no more time to donate, the relationship on your side was open i would watch you rotate

you said you were all in, the faller let me fall in, and i took the blame, i could feel the shame, no shame, reshape, no shape, yeah yeah