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1vezzy – grew lyrics


recorded and jotted, losing the place where i started, i was a the top now i’m topping the charts, my talents left and came back, it couldn’t have went far, sitting on the moon relaxing looking at the stars, focus on what’s above not on us, cause you can make it without love, she don’t wanna get naked, but i can taste the l-st, weeks offline working, she posted that she was angry, 70 miles i’m swerving, she wanna feel the same me, what if i did every song on the same beat, music got me closer, if you feel like the hole is closing let close up, so i can hold ya, and tell you i told ya, but make sure you know what you mean to me yeah i told ya, refraining from my old ways, wet like water i’m smoking those waves, pavements with my scripture on it and it say my whole name, king of the universe is an old name, filling in the bigger roles, stealing more fame to get bigger hoes, dealing with everything i don’t know, not eves dropping i just know, that my flows never get old, sticking my nose out, icey everything you already know i’m froze out, i can write forever but i like to close out, bozo you was posta be a friend but you chose hoes, mouthes dropped when i said i was going solo

8 times platinum, they love me cause i’m out of this world(saturn), different girls but if you look at the receipts you can see patterns, people i fall for vs the people i need, i’m ready to plead guilty for screed, sidewalks was concrete and i slid to see if it was harder than the streets, we had a clan we was barely 5 deep, if i tell you to do something i expect it, i drop all things expected, i won’t realize till i see the people affected, rejected, reflected, now it’s perfected, into my mind and out of my pencil, every level i collapse super gentle, i could see the potential, but they looking at the wrong thing, wrongfully, get yo mind straight, put a blanket over my time and call it time tape, ima go crazy on beats and you gone file for mind rape, you need to get out my lane stay in a child’s place, miles away they still look at they first my sp-ce, get over you grown now, sonia my shows sold out, you alone now in yo own house about to get thrown out, cause we jumpin up and down at the party’s, and we just put a new engine in the harley, they be going for sh-t that’s gnarly, half soft as the hard in me, yeah im soft that’s heart in me, yeah they tell me i grew, it life what else am i supposed to do