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1vezzy – hi it’s album 3 lyrics


first alb-m wasn’t posted but it’s written, it was about my pain and my broken heart that felt threatened, every five minutes i was checking out a new song, so i knew i was destined, i couldn’t brag or boast so i was humble and i let it set in, alb-m 2 was about me getting over and and finding a new love and a new hand to hold, a new brand to amb-ssador and call my own, and me being strategic and living without a phone, hi it’s alb-m 3, i’m finally happy and i can definitely cheese, look at my growth in music not at my teeth, this is gonna be the best alb-m produced, with reduced profanity, and me being on the pursuit to the level i feel like i need to be at, i been said ain’t n-body pushing me back, because i worked hard for this position, and i’m not letting loose, ima make sure my lines h-t you, you might call it abuse, and you can use all my juice and squeeze it into excuses for misusage, you could have used your number one for something useful, not showing my son how to snort dope and how to use a gun, i’m rapping about my life but i’m throwing in puns, yeah my alb-m is waving and saying h-llo, i’m been soaring above the compet-tion they just don’t know, you can call me vezzy, i’ll call myself ufo

this alb-m is going to be filled with mental breakdowns, and healthy break throughs, you are what you are not what i make you, feel like, this is not an illusion this is real life, if i fall off it’ll feel like a skydive, i’m done getting you ready bye bye