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1xfighter – hood surburban kid lyrics


alpha o, radioactive like i’m johnny test (johnny test)
at a homeless shelter, no food like i’m sucking br++sts (johnny test)
my heart on a sleeve when my p+n+s ain’t f+ckin’ necks (test)
my car’s rated d, but i still be in initial x (johnny x)
pocket rocket in my pants, not a little bike
whip it out like i’m shooting, all the bullets white
tryna fight, the d+ck makin’ me cry, and it’s my f+ckin’ homie
1xfighter pacificers, want yo’ baby suckin’ on me
f+ck his ribs up, throwin’ kids up
not a b+tch f+ck or a tit f+ck
this a d+ck f+ck
no, i’m aware, it’s known hoes like d+ck
just ’cause i’m a ho ain’t the reason that i like it, fight this
one+x inside you, you here for three days
grace+fully l!ckin’ on it’s tip, feel a little like kip
always on somebody d+ck, l!cking and smackin’ on it like cat+nip
hallways of shimmering b+lls, kickin’ a racket, he got fat+nips
started off a little hard, now i’m just actin’ like a f+ggot
if i wanna be this way, then why ain’t i in drag yet?
matter of fact, why ain’t i actin’ like drac yet?
weird ass combo of words like a gat+jet
plane mixed with a gun, sh+t, it sounds like a gas station
but instead of 7, it’s 9, i’m runnin’, fast pacin’
broflovski on my team and we causin’ mayhem
he runs hollywood, my ancestors made them
do sh+t, if i could fix it, i would
just like i wish i could help suburban kids who think they’re “hood”