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100 ways forward – read this (everyone) lyrics

i have a sick mind
and usually i would put
something completely
random here
as i did on the other
song by “what made
miliwauke famous” (check
it out, i think its good
lyrics writing seeing
as how its on the

but other than
that, im just writing
this becuase i know
you’re probably smiling right
now. from person
to person it may vary
why you are smiling,
but for
the most part its because
you are amazed that
someone that
you have never met before
is just
writing in such a
personal way on some
website in some cr-ppy
artists lyrics.

by the way, ive never heard
of this
band, or the miliwauke
one either. but i doubt this
will even make it past
the verifiers of this site.

- 100 ways forward lyrics

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