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1080 – friday morning lyrics

thrown into the light / taught how to believe / learn to love / learn to hate / then learn to read the lines between / we’ve looked at our past mistakes / and learned that time can heal your wounds / stand tall with pride at any stake / but the reminder of a scar will stay too soon / the victory of life / the forfeit chose in death / the goals we all chase / closer with our every breath / arms wide open now / waiting for that sweet embrace / the tears we hold back / for fear of one’s disgrace…
somewhere off in candyland theres an answer to our prayers / theres a reason for the suffering / our expression’s in the air / the story moves along / human saga must go on / don’t sleep / don’t dream / don’t even look outside
thrown into a world / taught how to conform / learn to breathe / learn to see / then learn to join the swarm / we’ve marched up to the edge / together we could take it all / we stare down at that ledge / and contemplate the fall / the ecstasy of life / the mystery of death / the doom that haunts us all / closer with our every breath / eyes wide open now / just too good to waste / everything we know / is only our first taste…

- 1080 lyrics

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