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1080 – horizons lyrics


here we are again, standing alone on the brink of emptiness / prepare for one more goodbye, as the stars begin to dot the sky…
will you become that stranger alone? / the stars and stripes that mock you flying high above your home… / what will it be like the next time i see you? / will you ever change your self centered world view?
where are we going? / and i don’t know where we will stay / a handshake and smile, and no kiss goodbye / and we’ll each be on our way
please look after everything while i’m gone / when i’m not back tomorrow carry on / the juggernaut of time works itself in tricky ways / the dancing lessons of bokonon define the path we take…
why have we come here? / has our mission been acomplished yet? / a formal goodbye, with no questions why / as we continue on our quest
somewhere in the distance, the future tells our tale / the ships that we have built ourselves have already set sail / someday things might make sense, its not just bullsh-t / an answer, a reason… someday we’ll find it! / stories have p-ssed, i’ll keep ours in mind / lost in the fray however frozen in time / i looked into the future & made sense of what we were / i understand the past, my presence is just a blur… horizons of our destinations

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