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112 – residue lyrics


it was so musical, i first laid eyes on you
we both had things we needed to work through
and residue, residue,

said it almost blind my view
inside, girl i knew, i was supposed to be with you
i’m so glad we stood the test, of our love
there’s no two people anywhere, more compatible than us
so i think it’s only right that you take my last name
i promise from now on, no residue remains
no residue, no residue, no
could ever block my view
girl inside, i always knew, that i was supposed to be with you
hey, i’m so glad we stood the test of our love
there’s no people on this earth, that’s more compatible than us
i’m glad we didn’t give up, so glad
give up on us, and there’s no battle we can’t win,
if we choose love
so whenever it looks grey and reside tries to get in the way
now that we have made it this far and we can go on, but,
i’m so glad there’s no more residue in our lives at all
there’s no, no more residue

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