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13 winters – autumn lyrics


tear the closed doors in your mind
can you inhale and feel her?
she reserves void for herself
like a wild and hungry beast
her hour has come for cover this land
she will bring thousand drops of rain
hurry to get a move to race without direction
falling to eternity whence she come from

she will bring to our way
carnival of red leaves
she will flood souls by sorrow
and keep me and you to dream
her rain and wind will put out
last sparks of fire on us
she will write on charcoal
“there is no light, there is only dark”

stare your window
can you feel this frozen air outside?
soon there will no life in this world
golden autumn will take it for ever
winter will come to this void
will drops of iced rain
block with snow air past
the blood froze in in our veins
this only dark here,
this only gloom here,
and moon sleeps in clouds
listen this darkness silence hear you heart beat…

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