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16 dronez – unwelcome lyrics


16 droenz
song: “unwelcome”
alb-m: life’s interpretation

wouldn’t you like to know
what this, what this is all about
doesn’t it ever show
that you, that you can’t accept the facts
you walked out on me
now you, now you regret leaving me all alone
you lost all my respect
and you, and you cry by my door

what do you expect me to do now
you wasted all your welcome
i’d like to make you feel how
i felt when you said our love was done

nothing in the world works your way
just leave, just leave it alone
things you left behind
don’t mean, don’t mean a thing anymore
you said you never needed me
why you, why you still here
you lost all my respect
and you, and you cry by my door


it doesn’t really matter anymore
so why don’t you just proceed
to the things that you use to do
cause i don’t really look forward to
the times that we used to meet
please just leave
cause today all i see
is another memory

(chorus 2x)

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