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2 pac – pointa the finga lyrics


“you could get the finger.. the middle!” {-1}
“come and get some!” {-2}

ahh yeah, they love to point the finger
{-1} {-2}

boom boom boom on your black -ss, b-tch
{-1} {-2} n-gg-z love to point the finga
boom boom boom on your black -ss, b-tch
{-1} {-2}

i thought i hit rock bottom, they ban my alb-m, point the finga
i guess n-body loves a real n-gg–slash-rap singer
i thought i’d bring a little truth to the young troops
i brought proof that the n-gg-z need guns too
it’s not to be a racist, but let’s face this:
wouldn’t you if we could trade places?
i got lynched by some crooked cops, and to this day
them same motherf-ckers on the beat gettin major paid
but when i get my check they takin tax out
so, we payin for these pigs to knock the blacks out
ain’t that a b-tch, some officers are gettin rich
whoopin on thugs and robbin drug dealers for they sh-t
as far as jealousy, bein a celebrity
no matter who committed the crime, they all yell at me
and the media is greedier than most
you could sell em your soul or they’ll be on ya til a n-gg-z ghost
and everyday i read the paper there’s another lie
they show my picture for the crimes of another guy
now how’s that for the life of a big shot
a dead cop, a law suit, a little kid shot
i play them nuttin -ss marks in the park
for tryin to earn they stripes in the dark
just cause i come there, don’t mean i from there, peep:
only jealous motherf-ckers beef, and point the finga

chorus: repeat 4x

boom boom boom on your black -ss, b-tch
{-1} {-2}

as i run up on em madman, a nutcase with a screw loose
a zoot troupe full of foolies with toolies
n-gg-z run to me don’t come to me with beef
take your jewels and your jeep, boom boom! let that -ss sleep
it’s gettin hectic, n-gg-z run, quick
buckshots are the payback for dumb sh-t
all you n-gg-z on the block tryin to test me
best wear a vest or get open like, sesame
i’ll run up on you mad deep

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