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2 pac – still ballin lyrics


straight motherf-ckin ballin
part two, still ballin

[verse one: 2pac]
now ever since a n-gg- was a seed
only thing promised to me was the penitentiary, still ballin
ridin on these n-gg-z cause they lame
in a six-one chevy, still heavy in this game, can you feel me?
blame it on my momma i’m a thug n-gg-
up befo’ the sun rise, quicker than the drug dealers
tell me if it’s on, n-gg- then we first to bomb
bust on these b-tch-made n-gg-z hit ’em up, westside
ain’t n-body love me as a broke n-gg-
finger on the trigger lord forgive me if i smoke n-gg-z
i love my females strapped, no f-ckin from the back
i get my currency in stacks, california’s where i’m at – right?
p-ssed by while these n-gg-z wonder why
i got shot but didn’t die, let ’em see who’s next to try
did i cry, h-ll nah, n-gg- tear i shed
for all my homies in the pen, many peers dead
n-gg-z still ballin

[chorus: dominated by trick daddy]
still ballin, until i die
you can bring your crew motherf-cker
i be ballin, they wonder why
(you can bring your crew but we remain true motherf-ckers still)

[verse two: trick daddy]
now as i kneel and pray i hope the lord understand
when he’s gone, devolve, i become a dangerous man
ain’t crazy or deranged, i’m sayin (i’m sayin)
but when these kids go to spray ’em boy i don’t be playin
with clientele, any rhyme sales
question is, will you f-ck-n-gg-z ride for real, huh?
b-tch n-gg- this is g rated
plus your homeboy won’t make it, street game fugazi
i’m elevated to the top of this sh-t
done f-cked around and put me and 2pac on the b-tch
and you can tell ’em thug life was the reason for this
and i ride for any n-gg- who believe in the sh-t
i’m still ballin

[chorus: 2pac]
still ballin, ’til the day i die
you can bring your crew but we remain true motherf-ckers
still ballin, n-gg-z wonder why
you can bring your crew but we remain true motherf-ckers
still ballin

[verse three: 2pac]
now everybody wanna see us dead
two murdered on the front page, shot to death, bullets to the head
n-gg-z holla out my name and it’s similar to rape
motherf-ckers know i’m comin, so they runnin to they graves, watch
swoop down with my n-gg- from the pound
cause {trick} don’t give a f-ck, where you coward n-gg-z now, blast
keep pumpin, ain’t worried bout nuttin
busters thought we was frontin, so reload and keep dumpin

[chorus – trick daddy version]
[chorus – 2pac version]

[2pac] ’til the day i die
[t.d.] thug life!
[2pac] still ballin.. motherf-ckers still ballin
[2pac] straight motherf-ckin ballin
[fades out]

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