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2 pistols – death before dishonor lyrics


let your pistols play it out [repeated]

to every real n-gg- in the game put
your hand on heart make a pledge
to the streets you will never ever talk
death before dishonor n-gg- [x4]
jury and the judge i put that on my life
i’ll never take a stand even if i’m facing life
death before dishonor n-gg- [x4]

see these p-ssy -ss n-gg-s got the game twisted
try to justify this thing they call dry snitching
listen real n-gg-s stay solid but these
kanye west -ss n-gg- trying speakin through the wire
fire that boy hot don’t sell him nothing
he want an ounce now half a bird later
them people coming
with them indictment papers
when i was a t-tty boy than call them hour laters
our money ain’t good better know that
when i was 7 alphabet boys sn-tched back
it’s what i got for you cheese eaters
rat n-gg-s that be f-ckin with them fed people
dat n-gg- got loose vowels at the mouth
solid n-gg-s know the n-gg-s that i’m talking bout
ya it’s blood money in this mother f-cker
no need to ask questions cause i ain’t sayin nothing


welcome to the alb-m haha

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